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ICOA Spring Season Closing Concert, New School

Concert Theme: ICOA Spring Season Closing Concert/ ICOA Benefit Gala Concert Time: May 13th at 8 P.M 5月13日晚八点 Venue: The Auditorium at 66 West 12th Street, Alvin Johnson/ J.M Kaplan Hall It was named one of the world's most powerful rooms by ABC news in 2014, thanks to the incredible roster of public figures and leaders who have spoken there. 音乐厅能容纳468名观众,多名政治家、名人及领袖曾在此处演讲,2014年ABC新闻将其题名为世界最具影响力演出场地之一。场馆设计独特,采用复古拱形舞台, 是古典音乐演出的优质场所。 Program: Shostakovich Piano Concerto No.1; Bach Brandenburg Concerto No.4; Beethoven Symphony No.8 Venue Rental Fee: ICOA covered Admission: Invitation only Concert introduction As we are closing the spring season with the performance, ICOA expects to introduce high-standard classical music to more audiences in the city. The concert features in three prestigious guest musicians, Meng-Chieh Liu, Judith Mendenhall, Michael Adelson and 30 young musicians from ICOA. It will be hosted in the famous Auditorium at New School, which was named one of the world’s most powerful rooms by ABC news in 2014. We will invite 468 guests to join this memorable classical musical night at the fabulous venue with us in the spring night. 在这个春季结束之际,ICOA将会倾情向纽约观众献上肖斯塔科维奇第一钢琴协奏曲,巴赫第四协奏曲及贝多芬第八交响曲。演奏会将特别邀请三位演出嘉宾,刘梦捷、Judith Mendenhall, Michael Adelson。 Musicians Introduction: International Chamber Orchestra of America (ICOA): Based in New York City, the International Chamber Orchestra of America (ICOA) brings together elite young musicians from top conservatories in the East Coast. They believe music is an universal language that enriches and transcends lives; and this bliss belongs to everyone regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds. They strive for connecting classical music to a broader, more diverse public—from sophisticated listener to curious newcomers. 美国国际室内乐团(ICOA)由美国东部顶尖音乐学院年轻音乐家组成。乐团致力于推广古典音乐,演奏高水平交响乐,融合传统与年轻的元素,将音乐传播给更广泛的听众。 迄今为止,ICOA成功舉行多場音樂会,并以高质量的演奏在纽约当地著称。2015年,乐团会在华纳中心、时代广场以及其他一些纽约当地的演奏厅中进行古典音乐的演出。怀着对音乐的热忱以及对交响乐演奏的享受,30名年轻音乐家会用他们的方式为纽约及世界不同的社区和群体讲述音乐的故事。 Meng-Chieh Liu (Soloist): A recipient of the 2002 Avery Fisher Career Grant. His acclaimed performance was followed by a number of widely praised appearances, including a recital at the Kennedy Center. 刘孟捷 - 钢琴独奏。2002年Avery Fisher奖获得者,其演出获得国内外业界广泛赞赏,曾在许多著名音乐厅进行演奏,包括在肯尼迪中心举行的独奏会。他曾与许多著名指挥家的交响乐团合作过,包括Christoph Eschenbach, Gustavo Dumamei以及Alan Gilbert等。其演奏会已被世界多个国家转播,台湾电视台将其经历拍摄成纪录片。2009年以来,他在芝加哥室内音乐家协会担任艺术总监。 Judith Mendenhall: Judith Mendenhall has appeared throughout the United States, Europe, and East Asia as recitalist, chamber and orchestral musician, and teacher. She is the principal flautist of the American Ballet Theater Orchestra, a member of the Berkshire Bach Ensemble, has appeared in thirteen nationwide “Musicians From Marlboro” tours, and has been guest artist with the Cleveland, Emerson, and Mendelssohn String Quartets. Her solo recitals include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the 92nd Street Y in its Distinguished Artists Series, the Schubert Club in St. Paul, and the National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center in Taipei. Judith Mendenhall: 长笛手。美国芭蕾舞剧团乐团长笛首席。 Michael Adelson: Conductor, composer, writer, and educator. He has conducted many orchestras and opera companies including the New York and Helsinki Philharmonic orchestras, Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, and the Stockholm Folkopera. He has led world premieres on three continents (including at the Venice Biennale), and his own works have been performed worldwide. As an educator, Mr. Adelson teaches conducting, has led the New York Philharmonic’s Young People’s Concerts, and is in demand internationally as a conductor and clinician. He teaches at the Mannes College of Music, regularly guest conducts at the Cleveland Institute of Music, taught chamber music at Helsinki University and master classes at the Accademia di Musica in Sassari, and has conducted at Harvard, Columbia, and Brandeis universities. Michael Adelson: 指挥家,演奏家,作家,教育家。他曾指挥过包括纽约爱乐、赫尔辛基爱乐、挪威室内乐团等多个著名交响乐团。

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