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Art Salon Based Upon the Tao, Thinking Creativity: Power of Chinese Culture in the Context of Intern

Chinese artist Shi Kai (center) presents his artwork to Jim Cheng (right), director of the C.V. Starr East Asian Library, at Columbia University's Faculty House on Tuesday in New York. Inspired by the Chinese hexagram and seal-cutting style, Shi created the painting illustrating Columbia University's motto In Thy Light Shall We See Light. Along with the painting, Shi brought his new book Contemporary Deconstructive Analysis of Journey to the West, and offered his interpretation of the Monkey King for the Year of the Monkey. The book will be shelved in the East Asian Library. "We wish to provide a refreshing perspective for Columbia students and people who love Chinese culture to reinterpret Chinese classics," said Jake Jia, president of Hanfeng Art, which held the event on Tuesday. "China has shown its hard power - Anbang Insurance bought Waldorf Astoria. What about our soft power? If you go to the museums in the city, how many art pieces you see are created by Chinese artists? And how many of them are contemporary artists?" asked Jiajia Jin, CEO of COCA Art New York, a non-profit art organization dedicated to promoting US-China communications through art.

Original post from China Daily USA :

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